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CS6 recone

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WE CANNOT WARRANTY DIY RE-CONE ASSEMBLY ISSUES. Read and understand this -- if you are not 110% sure about re-coning the driver ask us or send it in. We can ONLY stand behind labor that we perform. Manufacturing defects in the kit itself are of course our responsibility but installation is 100% the customer responsibility. This includes ticking, broken parts, etc.

MAKE SURE to check your re-cone BEFORE installing it for complete accuracy. This includes using a DMM to make sure you received the correct voice coil configuration. If there is a mistake on the kit we need to know BEFORE you glue it all in place!!! Once the kit is glued into place we will not be be liable for any errors in it's construction. CHECK IT OVER FIRST. If it is not correct we will issue a label for it and build you the correct kit for you ASAP. 



If you are un sure if of what you have please email us. 


current build time is up to 14 business days. 


SHIMS AND GLUE are not provided