800 Amp Dual Alternator Bracket Combo - Compatible for GM 2000 - 2013 (Comes with Bracket & 2 - 400 Amp Alternator)

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Product Overview

Dual Alternator Bracket and 2 - 400Amp Alternator for GM Vehicles Fits: 2000-2013 (4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L)

  • Dual Alternator bracket
  • 2 - 400 Amp Competition Series Alternators
  • Supplied with Shorter Fan belt Idler Pulley mounting hardware.

The bracket comes in Black powdercoat, and Alternator is NATURAL finish.
2 - 400 Amp, 15v (3 pin) Brand New "Competition Series" Denso Hairpin Alternator
Includes, Fan Belt, Idler pulley plus hardware

Warranty: 1 year parts & lifetime labor
Build time 14 days, than shipping takes 5-7 days


(No reviews yet) Write a Review